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Roscoe Village

Homes for Sale in Roscoe Village, Chicago

Roscoe Village, Chicago
Roscoe Village, Chicago

Just 5 miles away from Chicago’s downtown area is Roscoe Village, a highly sought-after North Center neighborhood best known for its vibrant culture and history, as well as an amazing selection of real estate properties.

Continue reading as we at the Cindi Sodolski Group reveal everything there is to know about Roscoe Village, the properties you can find in it, and what to expect about living in this wonderful historic community.


Fondly called “Village in the City” by residents and visitors because of its small-town charm and friendly, close-knit community vibe, Roscoe Village is one of the Windy City’s oldest neighborhoods, with the picturesque tree-lined locale dating back to the late 18th century.

According to local historians, Roscoe Village’s genesis can be traced back to several significant historical events, specifically the opening of the Riverview Amusement Park and the Ravenswood Elevated Train Line in Chicago’s North Side area during the early 1900s. 

Once considered the biggest attraction on this side of the country, the Riverview Amusement Park drew a steady stream of visitors – and workers – to the neighborhood ever since its opening in 1903. The Ravenswood Elevated Train Line, for its part, made the area more accessible, leading to even more significant changes in Riverview (as Roscoe Village was then called) and its surrounding neighborhoods up to the early 1920s. This includes the construction of frame houses and brick and greystone two-flats throughout the neighborhood, both of which would eventually form the foundation of Roscoe Village’s current housing stock.

The neighborhood, however, would see its then-uninterrupted series of developments grinding to a halt – not just once but twice. The first, records show, was during the Great Depression  while the second happened in the years immediately following World War II. This would continue until the 1960s, culminating in the mass exodus of many of Roscoe Village’s longtime residents who went on to live in more progressive neighborhoods, essentially leaving the area in a severe state of decline.

Roscoe Village managed to bounce back in the 1970s, thanks to the efforts of concerned residents who formed a citizens’ club, the goal of which was to improve the neighborhood’s safety and overall conditions. Campaigns facilitated by this club saw widespread success. The area even attracted the attention of “urban pioneers” who would buy two-flats with the goal of fixing them up, restoring them to their former glory, and living in them. This trend continued well into the 1990s which saw many of the area’s old factories such as the Eversharp Building being renovated to become multi-family residential properties.

Today, Roscoe Village is a thriving and vibrant neighborhood, hailed by many for its residents’ combined efforts to restore the area’s storied, historic residences to their former glory. 


Roscoe Village has a considerably healthy real estate market, with homes in the neighborhood selling almost immediately after being put on sale. According to recent market data, homes for sale in Roscoe Village, Chicago usually get listed for a median price of around $700,000. These properties are also in high demand with multiple buyers making offers and sellers fetching top dollar before leaving the market after just a few weeks.

Four major factors contribute to the desirability of homes for sale in Roscoe Village, Chicago: the dense urban feel of the area, the concentration of wealth here, the presence of historic residences with lots of Victorian-era flair, and the generational spread of homes from vintage brownstone walk-ups and two-flats constructed in the late 1930s to the more recent industrial structures that were converted into sleek lofts and condos. In fact, much of the available real estate in the Roscoe Village market consists of these multi-family homes and condos, with each property offering a whole array of features and amenities to buyers. Quite a number of wood frame homes are also present in the village.

Those who prefer homes with character will do well to check out Roscoe Village’s selection of historic homes. While many of these classic builds were built in the 1930s, you’re bound to find a few that have been constructed earlier than that. These properties come in a wide array of architectural styles, from textbook classics like American Four Square, Arts & Crafts, Chicago School, Queen Anne, Edwardian, Prairie School, and Craftsman to more recent ones like Art Deco, Art Nouveau, and Postmodern. Despite having been updated and renovated to meet modern standards,  these homes still retain much of their historic charm. 

To confirm if the house you’re looking at is classified as an authentic historic property, simply check with the city government which possesses an inventory of architecturally and historically significant structures found in the city, as well as their condition.

One characteristic that defines the homes for sale in Roscoe Village, CA is the prevalence of small to medium-sized properties. Around 58% of the buildings here have from two to four units in them, which is quite a large number in comparison with around 99% of other neighborhoods in the country. 

Most residences in the area typically feature more than one level, with multi-use and living spaces on the first floor and bedrooms on the upper floors. Newer ones in this neighborhood come fitted with modern touches, such as the latest kitchen appliances, high-quality finishes, and relatively generous floor areas. Depending on their size and location, these homes may also have outdoor living spaces such as patios or rooftop decks, making them perfect for those who love entertaining guests. 

Despite being relatively new additions to the Roscoe Village housing scene, modern condos have since emerged as the perfect properties for those who put a premium on convenience and accessibility. A good number of the condo complexes here were built on the sites of decommissioned factories, giving them a unique charm that hearkens back to the neighborhood’s colorful past. These condos often come with top-tier fixtures and appliances, classy built-in cabinets and lots of storage solutions, and masterfully designed living spaces. In addition, these properties are located near shops and restaurants – perfect for urban sophisticates and young professionals who want to have everything they need within reach.


Roscoe Village is a quaint historic neighborhood that manages to strike a balance between old-fashioned delights and modern conveniences. The strong sense of community here makes newcomers feel right at home alongside longtime residents. Its interesting character and proximity to Downtown Chicago make it the perfect place for everyone across the generational spectrum from growing families to retirees. 

Want to learn more? Here’s everything you need to know about living in Roscoe Village.

The Economy

Roscoe Village – and the rest of the Windy City’s North Center – is located near some of the biggest multinational corporations in the Chicago metropolitan area, thus giving its residents easy access to plenty of good employment opportunities. That said, most of Roscoe Village’s residents tend to be quite affluent, with the median household income standing at $148,037 – more than twice the national median household income of $69,021.


The quality of education in Chicago is phenomenal, to say the least, with schools here besting many other top-rated academic institutions throughout the country. Roscoe Village’s schools are perfect examples of Chicago’s best.

Operating under the City of Chicago School District, public elementary schools in the neighborhood are highly recommended by the neighborhood’s most discerning parents.  Among these schools are:

  • Audubon Elementary School
  • Bell Elementary School
  • Burley Elementary School
  • Jahn School of Fine Arts

Families with teens may choose to send their children to top-performing magnet high schools in the city, such as Lincoln Park High School and Von Steuben Metropolitan Science Center.


At Roscoe Village, you don’t need to travel far just to shop as the neighborhood is filled with a variety of retail options. Here are some of the most popular shopping destinations you can find in this lovely part of the Windy City:

  • Good Old Days Antiques – In operation for over 50 years, Good Old Days Antiques is the place to be if you want to score unique vintage finds for your home. This beloved retail fixture sells a wide range of items, including stained glass windows, restored wind-up phonographs and tube radios, neon and advertising signs, and even sports memorabilia. Thinking of offloading some items yourself? Good Old Days Antiques has a dedicated team of experts who will inspect, appraise, and buy your items at fair and honest prices.
  • Roscoe Books – This independent bookstore boasts a well-curated selection of titles, as well as a friendly and relaxed environment that’s conducive for browsing and light reading. In addition, Roscoe Books is home to several community book clubs, with each one focusing on different genres. The store also holds regular storytime sessions for children.
  • Shangri-La Vintage – Tired of dressing like everybody else? Give your closet a revamp and drop by Shangri-La Vintage! Located along Roscoe Street, this local boutique is where you’ll find rack upon rack of vintage clothing from the 50s to the 90s. plus other unique stuff from homeware to cute trinkets.


It’s amazing how despite its relatively small size, Roscoe Village could play host to a decent selection of food spots ranging from quirky cafes to restaurants serving your favorite American staples. Here are some of our favorites in the neighborhood:

  • Bartoli’s Pizza – Founded in 2013 by Brian Tondryk, Bartoli’s has established itself as a go-to pizza destination for both longtime Chicago residents and tourists. Named after Brian’s grandfather, Fred Bartoli, this neighborhood favorite uses a tried-and-tested family pizza recipe that customers and food critics have claimed as one of the best in the Windy City.
  • Turquoise Cafe & Restaurant – If you’re in the mood for authentic Turkish delights and much more, this cafe will satisfy your craving. Another popular food spot in Roscoe Village, Turquoise Cafe serves wonderful dishes such as falafel, feta salads, and hearty beef kebabs, painstakingly prepared by Chef Ezgi Bozdas with traditional Turkish flair.
  • Kitsch’n on Roscoe – For a more casual dining experience, head over to Kitsch’n on Roscoe. The perfect spot for brunch and quick dinners, Kitsch’n on Roscoe boasts a menu of all-American classics such as fried chicken and waffles, as well as breakfast favorites like bagels, pancakes, and paninis.


There’s a lot to see and experience in Roscoe Village, given its storied past and growth into a highly urbanized neighborhood. 

Families with young kids, for instance, can pay a visit to Fellger Playlot Park. Located at the intersection of Belmont and Damen, this family-friendly outdoor space boasts an expansive play area complete with soft-surface playground equipment like slides, bridges, and ladders. For a more adrenaline-filled experience, head over to Clark Park. A greenspace located right along the east bank of the Chicago River, Clark Park is the perfect place for hiking trips and water sports such as kayaking and canoeing.

Meanwhile, the Cornelia Arts Building at the intersection of Cornelia and Lincoln Avenues plays host to the artworks of over 40 local artists. Founded in 1986, this enormous art studio-exhibit center is a production hub of different art disciplines such as drawing and painting, sculpture, print-making, jewelry and metalwork, clothing and furniture design, mixed media, photography, videography, and more. It also regularly holds open studio nights, during which visitors can interact with the artists behind the works being exhibited.  

Want to explore the art of dance? Try paying a visit to Hamlin Park Fieldhouse Theater! Located in a beautiful and historic 1910 prairie-style fieldhouse, the theater functions as a community dance space of the Chicago Moving Company, in partnership with the Chicago Park District. It hosts performances, workshops, and classes on a wide range of dances such as ballet, modern/contemporary, and freestyle.


Community events are most awaited in Roscoe Village as they present numerous opportunities for defining the local cultural vibe and drawing in tourists from all over the country and the globe. These events include:

  • Retro on Roscoe An annual fest dedicated to everything – you guessed, it – retro, this festival features several events rolled into one: a vintage car show, a food and drink showcase, and a music show. This three-day event also features antiques for those who want to dig around for vintage knickknacks and unique decor, as well as a family area where kids can play around in inflatables, enjoy face painting, be amazed by the works of balloon artists, enjoy funhouse rides, and even dabble in arts and crafts.
  • Burger Fest – Now on its 16th year,  Roscoe Village’s Burger Fest brings together over 10 of the most amazing burger vendors in the Windy City, each one vying for the title of Chicago’s Best Burger. Aside from the near-unlimited flood of burgers and other tasty foodstuff and drinks, the event also features two music stages, as well as a kids’ area, making it an event for the entire family.


Roscoe Village is just one of several lovely neighborhoods in the Windy City. Check out these other notable Chicago neighborhoods and what they have to offer:


Looking for a home in Roscoe Village? You can’t go wrong when you have a longtime Chicago resident and top-tier Chicago Realtor helping you out in your search. I’m Cindi Sodolski, and with the rest of my team at the Cindi Sodolski Group, we can provide you with a finely curated selection of homes for sale in Roscoe Village, Chicago that best fit your taste and lifestyle. 

Our proven experience and hyperlocal knowledge in both buying and selling Chicago luxury real estate have resulted in numerous awards and record sales over the years. The foundation of our work is built by reliability and trust which manifests in the sheer volume of client referrals. Our clients are the reasons for our continued existence, and we make sure each one of them gets the kind of customized service they deserve from us.

Start your home-buying journey in Roscoe Village and other surrounding areas with us at the Cindi Sodolski Group! Call us at 773.450.0820 or send a message  here to schedule a consultation.


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