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Blog Post 3 – The Importance of School Tours

Blog #3

Even though the snow keeps snowing and there seems to be endless ice, salt and car washes, the Spring market itself is starting off like a storm.

My buyer-clients are exploring! I am impressed with their own research and how well they are learning from my tips. One very important topic to research is school districts. Even if clients don’t plan on using the school, the resale value of that school is important. Location of neighborhoods, parks, and public transportation are also critical to analyze with estimating resale value.

When it comes to buying a home, I believe prioritizing your research is the most important element of the searching process. What is more important to you? As an example, let’s say schools are a priority. Right now is the perfect time to go on school tours. The tours typically only last an hour or two and they will give you great insight into both your preferences and what to avoid. That is why it is important to take notice of the school’s curriculum. Does it align with your values? The values and principles of each school vary throughout the city, no pun intended :). Thus, it is essential to evaluate what grabs your attention. It could be before and after school programs. It could be a specialization in math and science. Regardless of what those desires are, these are the deciding factors that will drive your decision. It is important to note that the people giving the tours are usually parents of the students. So, you can get a chance to speak first hand with someone who is actually involved with the school and is most likely is a member of the PTO/Fundraising group.

Another avenue of preparation to consider before starting your home search is to look at a market analysis of homes that are listed and sold in your neighborhood. This will help you compare styles and upgrades of homes as you look at and walk through them yourself. This will allow a buyer to feel comfortable as we discuss updates or price of the property.

I ALWAYS meet with my buyers ahead of time to develop a strategy and plan. This method has worked extremely well in terms of preparation and client comfort level.

Be prepared BEFORE you start your search. It will be worth every minute of your time. Trust me, the buying process should be fun and relaxed. Even though this may be one of/the largest purchase of your life, you should enjoy searching for your next home!

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