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Blog Post 6 – 14 Tips on how to host the perfect open house!

Spring has finally arrived in Chicago!

A big reason why I love working and living in the city is the change of seasons. One of the best parts about showing a home during the Spring market is looking out the window and seeing the trees start to bud and the tulips grow. The houses seem to come alive and everyone is just

I find that Open Houses are especially fun in the Spring. People are excited to get outdoors and look for their new house or condo. When the weather is warm, that’s when most people like to get settled in their new home. Nobody wants to move with six inches of snow on the ground.

Additionally, Open Houses during the Spring market are much easier to host. You don’t see
numerous pairs of boots, shovels, and snow lingering around the rooms of the home.

Through many seasons of being a realtor, I have learned how to host the perfect Open House. Here’s how:

1. Have all the blinds up, curtains open, and lights (including lamps) on – We want as much
light as possible in the home.

2. Buy a frozen apple pie. Bake low and slow so that it can stay in the oven for a long time. I did this before I sold my own home and it sold before it hit the market. Some buyers
are very sensitive to smell and baked goods give potential buyers a sense of home.

3. Be sure the home is clean, and I mean spotless. I recommend at least one deep cleaning before photos are taken and another once showings start.

4. Wipe all counters, fans, vents, exposed ductwork, and/or any other dust collectors.

5. Hide and/or remove ALL VALUABLES such as jewelry, paperwork, shoes/clothing, or anything you would consider irreplaceable. I have never had anything stolen from an Open House but that doesn’t mean people aren’t out there looking for something to stash in their bag.

6. I like to mix up the open houses regarding time over the weekend. I find that Sunday is
the most popular and successful day for Open Houses, but I like to mix it up and occasionally do Saturdays.

7. Have relaxing music playing throughout the home if possible. If not, use a small speaker.

8. Don’t fret about your neighbors stopping by. They are your best advocates for the
neighborhood and probably would love to have their friends or family move nearby.

9. Make sure all beds are made perfectly with decorative bedding.

10. Fresh flowers are a nice touch.

11. Distribute information such as brochures, floorplans, list of upgrades, school, and neighborhood information.

12. Make sure that your agent knows your neighborhood so they can talk to visitors about
area happenings, eateries, local schools, parks, and public transportation.

13. Make sure all rooms are decluttered and knick-knacks put away. No paper, no plastic.

14. The most important tip of all – be welcoming!

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