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Blog Post #12 – The Importance of Inspections

We all know that owning your own property has both financial and emotional benefits. Your money and your heart are going into something that you own and love. Owning a home also comes with a major responsibility. Financial responsibility in terms of mortgage payments, taxes, and possibly assessments, as well as maintaining your house. If you don’t take care of what you own, it will eventually look the part. Treat your home as you do your car, your body, your health, your boat, etc. Your home needs TLC, repairs, and updates to stay “in shape.”

Days fade into weeks, months, and eventually years, and before you know it, a change in life happens and it is time to sell your home. That is why it is very important to do repairs and upgrades along the way to not only keep but increase the value of your property. You will also save yourself from an enormous amount of time spent on repairs, upgrades, decluttering, and more. This goes for both the inside and the outside of your home. If you don’t own the outside, say in a condo, then make sure that the condo building is doing the necessary repairs and beautifications that is needed to get your condo sold. A buyer does not want to walk into a dirty building with stained carpet, marked-up walls, and unkempt landscaping.

I represent both sellers and buyers. As a buyer’s agent, I will definitely point out the building conditions immediately. Before putting in an offer on a home, take into account that if the building is not maintained, think about the reason. The condo association might not have the will or the funds to take care of the building. For any property that you own that has an association, I always suggest that my buyers become a member of the board for the building to ensure they are staying up to par in regards to reserves, tuck-pointing, cleaning, landscaping, painting,and more.

If you are preparing to list your home for sale soon, I also recommend that you schedule your own home inspection so you have the opportunity to make the necessary repairs before you get an offer on your home and before the buyer’s inspector goes through. Be one step ahead of the game!

I can guarantee that in terms of a home inspection, it will save you from a canceled deal or a very long inspection request credit. If you inspect before listing, the repairs can be done. And a sort of “clean bill of health” can be a great talking point during showings. Nobody wants to inherit somebody else’s problem. Also, a new buyer might not have the funds for repairs, new appliances, roof, etc..

So if you are thinking of selling sometime soon, I’ve got some additional great tips for you before your home goes on the market. Stay tuned for the next blog post about…drum roll please…Compass Concierge!

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